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It has been two years since I last did a recap on my website. And since doing recaps usually has an added bonus of A) putting me in a good mood and B) jump starting my muse into writing fanfic because hey, writing is writing, I figured it was time I try to get back on that bicycle. Unfortunately, "World War Z" doesn't come out for another year. So I recapped this instead because I thought it might be fun. We'll see how it goes.


"Torchwood, episode 1x01: Everything Changes"

Wherein everybody is introduced and questions are asked that will probably never be answered )
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I have been watching Lost religiously since day one and have been writing fic since the first summer hiatus. Yet I feel like I've skidded into fandom in the eleventh hour and am rushing to get everything in before it goes off the air (sob!) for good. So it seems totally appropriate that I am backed up on episode reviews (though I did recap an episode back during Season 1), which I only started doing in my journal this season because participating in the forums on TWoP saps my will to live.

So. Here are my two cents on the first few episodes, which includes a lot of speculation and theorizing that didn't occur to me the first time I watched the episodes: 

LA X - Part I )


LA X - Part II ) 
I am totally using the "contemplative" icon as my mood for all future "Lost" episode commentary. The tongue sticking out and question marks swirling over the little dragon's head just seem so totally appropriate. ;D

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