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Okay, I know it's been three weeks since the finale but I'm *still* reeling and trying to sort out the emotions this show has dredged up over the past season. Also? I knew once I finished this, in a way it would really be over. I've said I went through about three stages of grief even before the finale aired. I had hoped to be at acceptance by now, but apparently I'm still fully in denial. Sigh.

Let's get on with it then.

First part here
Second part here

The End - Part 3, the final recap/review with random tangents, slash detours and emotional I'm-gonna-miss-this-show ramblings - now with Jack and Sawyer clones! )

*deep breath* Okay. Let's get to the analysis and crazy-ass theories, shall we?

Purgatory, redemption, children and reincarnation... )
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I didn't finish my review of the finale on Monday - mostly because I was still reeling from the finale. I debated giving up entirely considering everything that has happened since, but I've decided that this show has been a great source of comfort and escapism for me for six wonderful years. Finishing my review and analysis of the finale could prove theraputic. Maybe this show can, for the final time, help me keep my sanity in a difficult time. This is the first part. It's mostly review-bordering-on-recap. Later parts will probably be more in-depth analysis of the entire series and weepy, nostalgic goodbyes.

The End...sniffle )
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So this is where I should be putting my reaction/review post of last night's finale. But I'm not. Partly because there's no way in hell I can put together all of the thoughts and emotions still swirling around in my head from those two and half hours so soon. Partly because I can't get far writing it - or reading and replying in other people's posts - without bursting into tears. I don't even know why I'm crying anymore, but I think it's for the same reason I had a complete and utter meltdown after I finished reading "Nineteen Minutes" (Jodi Picoult is always good for a cry, but it's even worse when you've had personal experiences so close to her fictional character's). I have had so many emotions swirling around inside me since this season started due to a combination of the show ending, the fandom and real life that I couldn't even cry when Sun and Jin died for fear that I wouldn't be able to stop. So I shoved it all down until I nearly made myself sick and now it's all coming pouring out in rivers.

This show served as a constant presence in the background of some of the most tumultous times of my life - good and bad. It has kept me sane, ironically by driving me crazy with mind-bending plots. Everyone has some form of unreality that they embrace when they need a temporary escape from reality. This was mine, more than any other show I've been a fan of.

There will never be another show like this. And maybe that's appropriate, but it depresses me because I loved that this show flew in the face of everything that has ever been done on broadcast television and really challenged people to THINK and care about some of the most facinating, complex characters ever brought to life by an amazing cast of talented actors. It has left a gaping void in the television landscape. I want to hug everyone involved both with the show itself and the fandom and let them/you all know how much it has all meant to me. But I'd probably just turn into an emotional mess and embarass myself.

I love you all.
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Ep 16 - What They Died For

So I spent most of the day trying to divine solutions to limitations in various Office programs, which totally taxed my brain and felt like stubbornly trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. For a while I wished I could just go home and vegetate and NOT THINK for the rest of the night. Then I remembered what day it was and realized that wasn't going to happen.

I spent the hour before the show started screaming in pain every minute or so from something I still haven't identified. It feels like I was bitten by about a dozen fire ants, but I wasn't and I can't figure out what it *could* be. Luckily, the ibuprofen kicked in by the time the show started.

I mention all this because I suspect I may start sounding really loopy and stupid at some point in this review and I wanted y'all to know why.


What They Died For....sniffle )
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So this afternoon my car died. Well, not really. It turns out I accidentally knocked the control from "park" to "reverse" and the way a German car responds to this is to completely shut down everything electrical and prevent you from taking your key out of the ignition, which is really fucking scary when you have no idea you bumped the damn control in the first place. Then I got home and found out just how far our darling governor Pawlenty has fucked the teachers in this state sideways - a group that includes several friends of mine and my mother (I'm sure I'll post a whole other rant about this later).

Bottom line? I was not in a good mood by the time this episode started. Add to that the fact that three major characters died last week and I knew just from the description that this episode would completely ignore what was left of the major cast in favor of characters I only grudgingly care about and I really didn't have any hope of that mood changing anytime soon. Also? The phone rang several times during the episode because both political parties apparently want to talk my ear off about health care or whatever dumb ass thing Pawlenty thinks he's going to do with taxpayer money (set fire to it is about the only irresponsibly stupid option he hasn't explored, I think).

That being said, let's get to the actual episode and make an attempt at escapism, shall we?

Across the Sea .........seriously, when are we now? )
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The Last Recruit )


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Happily Ever After ) 

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Random thought after backtracking through previous episodes...Possible spoilers? )

And now for last night's episode...

6x08 - Recon )
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I have been watching Lost religiously since day one and have been writing fic since the first summer hiatus. Yet I feel like I've skidded into fandom in the eleventh hour and am rushing to get everything in before it goes off the air (sob!) for good. So it seems totally appropriate that I am backed up on episode reviews (though I did recap an episode back during Season 1), which I only started doing in my journal this season because participating in the forums on TWoP saps my will to live.

So. Here are my two cents on the first few episodes, which includes a lot of speculation and theorizing that didn't occur to me the first time I watched the episodes: 

LA X - Part I )


LA X - Part II ) 
I am totally using the "contemplative" icon as my mood for all future "Lost" episode commentary. The tongue sticking out and question marks swirling over the little dragon's head just seem so totally appropriate. ;D

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