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How does someone like this get elected to office to represent Americans? There are times I wish we had just let the South cede the union so we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of shit from Texas, Mississippi, Louisianna and Florida (it's ALWAYS these states). Of course we would still have to deal with Michele "Pray the Gay Away!" Bachmann up here in Minnesota. Can we just send her to Florida and give Florida back to Spain (assuming they would even take it)?
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Okay, so that's not entirely true. I just hate the bigotted assholes who think they can do whatever they want with the country and take it all the way back to the 18th century. We're somewhat protected here in Minnesota, but for how long? Unions are under attack (and workers rights are actually being taken away with GLEE), the middle class is being destroyed and Republican extremists are busily making sure that every woman is prevented from having an abortion even if the pregnancy endangers her life (and they will redefine rape in the process just to add insult to injury).
The Middle East is taking steps toward Democracy and we are moving in EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION and the idiots on Fox News are encouraging this! They have totally poisoned people into thinking that Democracy is a BAD thing that leads to Commie Socialist Nazi-ism (yeah, you try to figure THAT one out).

If this keeps up, I may have to move to Canada after all. Does anybody know how I could go about doing that?

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Really? You guys are not even being subtle with your hackjobs anymore. I'm finding myself taking a complete mental vacation throughout the majority of your episodes, only surfacing during moments of snarky ho-yay banter between Steve and Danny (which almost always take place in a car because you guys are clearly all about formulas). Well, okay, I surface when Alex takes his shirt off too, but script writing has absolutely nothing to do with that. I can't hear a word that comes out of his mouth when he's half undressed. He could be reading a phone book for all I know (or care).

I should just fast-forward through the rest of the episodes - which appear to be scenes from generic cop shows and old episodes of CSI stitched together haphazardly - and just focus on these brief moments of sparkling wit (and pretty) in what would otherwise be a pretty damn dreadful show.

Why does everyone keep declaring this show the best of the television season? Do they love it for the same shallow reasons I keep hanging on even though it drives me crazy?

Ugh. When did television become so boring and formulaic? Oh, right...it was when all the TV big wigs decided to declare "Lost" a failure and avoid anything remotely ressembling a mythology at all costs. "Brothers & Sisters" annoyed me last season, but it could become one of my favorite shows this season because it's one of the few left with characters that have DEPTH to them.
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 Well, I do. I REALLY do. I have learned that at least a half a dozen people I know voted for the Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota JUST because he is pro-life. Because, you know, it TOTALLY makes sense to royally fuck up your child's education and their FUTURE LIFE IN GENERAL just to possibly make sure that no woman ever has the choice to have an abortion again. BECAUSE A STATE GOVERNOR COULD ACTUALLY HAVE A SAY IN SOMETHING LIKE ROE V WADE.

*beats head on desk until a bloody lump forms*

Also? Some woman had a shit fit because I tried to back out of a parking spot while she was driving down the row this afternoon. I stopped, and I never came ANYWHERE NEAR hitting her or blocking her path but that didn't stop her from HAVING A SCREAMING FIT AND WAITING IN HER CAR JUST SO SHE COULD FLIP ME OFF AS I DROVE PAST.

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Well, okay, maybe I don't hate *all* people. Maybe it's just the self-centered, uber-capitalist assholes around me that are skewing my perception of humanity. I was already pissed off about the sudden surge of new restaurants that are exactly like the family-owned restaurant I've worked at for years and seem determined to drive these sweet people out of their livelihood when some teenage moron tried to DRIVE ME OFF THE ROAD.


Also? Some wacknut in our neighboorhood put a Michele Bachmann sign in their yard despite the fact that SHE'S NOT EVEN ON OUR BALLOT. Not to mention she's an embarassment to the state of Minnesota. I mean really. The woman blamed the Democrats for the swine flu outbreak. She's clearly insane.
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This morning Yahoo posted a story about the Forbes list of "most powerful women". Michelle Obama was number one. The first lady being the most powerful woman in the US if not the world is certainly not surprising. Neither, unfortunately, is the way this drew the usual "liberal bias" accusations and ranting about how awful a president Obama is. However, this time some of the comments actively frightened me. They seem to have been taken down now - I must have been reading the article early enough that the most obscenely hateful comments had not been filtered yet - and thank God for that. Phrases like "nigger bitch" and "half-breed Muslim" go well beyond anything that should be protected by the first amendment.

Is this what the Tea Party has done to America? There was a time when Democrats and Republicans could argue issues in a mostly civilized fasion without inciting a riot. I shudder now to think of what could have happened to me in that month before the last election when I was wearing that Obama/Biden pin everywhere I went (I did get yelled at by one guy. In public. In front of a very shocked gentleman).

Of course these same people think Sarah Palin is wonderful and deserves to be elected president in 2012. The fact that this is even being entertained as a possibility scares me shitless.

This is the point when, a year ago, I would find refuge in "Lost" and fandom. I am missing it so much right now.
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Seriously. That is the only explanation I can think of. Saturday was September 11, the aniversary of a terrible tragedy. Know how some idiots in my neighboorhood acknowledged such a somber occasion? By shooting off fireworks like it was the goddamn 4th of July. I'm sorry, but that is just in poor taste.

*grumbles about stupid people*

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Shut. The fuck. Up.

You are like small beligerent children who still insist the sky is actually neon purple regardless of all the proof you are presented that it is actually blue. I was hearing about this shit all the way in France, which was EMBARRASSING, to say the least. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Amercians are fucking retarded.

The news must be really dead if this demented behavior is making headlines again.
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I have spent the better part of a week trying to find a flight to France I can actually afford. It has been nothing but a nightmare of disappearing flights and fares that change the minute you click on them - and I do mean the MINUTE you click on them. I give up. You bastards have gotten totally out of control.
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I've been trying to ignore all the bitterly virulent and unconstructive criticism of "Lost" that seems to have gotten louder and more obnoxious before this season even started. But this is just too stupid to ignore. This was in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

"Lost" is like the TV version of driving to Mount Rushmore: Three-quarters of the way into the long, dreary haul, you know it's not going to be worth it. But you might as well keep going.  ("I'm lost on 'Lost'" by Chris R)

You, sir, are a moron. Not only do you take two pages of newspaper space bitching about a show you personally don't like, you liken it to visiting a beloved national monument. What's more, that "long, dreary haul" goes through the Badlands - which features some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Way to undermine your argument.

I personally hate "24", but I'm not going to waste everyone's time by ranting endlessly about it in a major newspaper and comparing it to, say, a trip to Disneyworld. Save it for the watercooler.
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Really? You're seriously thinking of rewarding this? 


I already saw "Hurt Locker" but all this shameless sucking up and *cheating* in a disgustingly desperate effort to win makes me wish I hadn't. I feel a sudden urge to throw my copy from a moving vehicle. And the more I hear about the possibility of this winning best picture, the more I think this might be the first time in over a decade that I don't watch the Oscars.
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So I was planning to post new chapters to both stories over the weekend and then my computer COMPLETELY DIED last night. Now I'm just hoping the stories are still ON the computer.

Sometimes I really hate technology. ;(


Dec. 10th, 2008 10:16 pm
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I will get back to posting fics soon, I promise! But first I need to get a couple things off my chest...

First, to all the people who called "Twilight" the "worst vampire movie" they had ever seen...um, it's not a vampire story. It's a love story between a human and a vampire. If you think "Romeo and Juliet" and "Titanic" are lame and would rather be watching sports then, guess what? You are not the intended audience of this movie. And to the powers that be in Hollywood who were skeptical that the movie would make it and then surprised that it did...I read a great article about you in Entertainment Weekly around the time "Sex and the City" came out. I believe the general message was:  STOP BELITTLING "CHICK FLICKS" AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!

And while you're at it, could you throw a little more money at the special effects budget of "New Moon" so the whole werewolf thing isn't as awkward looking as Edward's sparkling skin? Thanks.

Second, I know there are casualties every television season, but did ABC really have to cancel all the good ones? I could have done without "Private Practice" or "Desperate Housewives" for that matter but "Pushing Daisies", "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Eli Stone"? Way to eliminate half my TV schedule. And really? "ELI FUCKING STONE"? Damn you, ABC. I would totally wash my hands of you if it wasn't for "Lost", though I suspect you were getting ready to pull the plug on that too until they set an end date. Bastards.

And what sadist came up with "Christmas Shoes"? Or, better question, what sadist decided it should be played once every hour for a month before Christmas so people can get really depressed and just drive right off a cliff the next time that damned song comes on the radio?


Merry Christmas, everybody! (Except for you, ABC execs. I hope you get lumps of coal.)
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Then there is University of New Hampshire Survey Center founder and former Gallup Poll managing editor David Moore, who is revealing in a new book that "media polls are not used to uncover the 'will' or thoughts of the public, but rather to manufacture a 'public opinion' that grabs the attention of journalists and can be used to fill media news holes." The methodology used by the major national polls, he says, "give false readings of which candidates voters prefer and what the public wants."

Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. [/sarcasm]

Full article here.

The media should stop treating polls as if they are factual information

Oh, yeah...and apparently women are more likely to vote for McCain because his running mate has a vagina. Right.
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Guh. I'm looking at all sorts of lists of books that have been challenged by groups like The Committee of Parental Prudes With Nothing Better To Do Than Scour Books for Words Like "Damn" and I'm getting punchy. And stories about Sarah Palin threatening to fire a librarian for refusing to censor books (um, hi, that goes against everything a librarian stands for) aren't helping. Ergo, this week's theme is Censorship and Why It's a Bad Thing.

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. )
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Guess Bush isn't the only GOP candidate with an open mouth connected to an empty head.

McCain also told ABC News, in an interview setting up his speech Thursday to accept the GOP's presidential nomination, that his running mate is capable in foreign policy matters in part because of geography.

"Alaska is right next to Russia," McCain said. "She understands that. Look, Senator Obama's never visited south of our border. I mean, please."

Is he serious? She has more capability in foreign policy because Alaska is next to Russia? Because Obama has never been to Mexico? Are we grasping at straws here? Why are we only focusing on countries in our immediate vicinity?

Gah. Five articles quoting speakers at the GOP convention and they all look the same. Typical Republican "let's scare the crap out of everybody so they'll vote for us" mentality.

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...I must be. Why am I living in this state?



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