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This chapter takes place after an unseen gang rape committed on a prisoner by a group of guards.

E-Mail: diandrahollman@gmail.com
Website: http://diandrahollman.neocities.org
Rating: R for now, NC-17 for later, hopefully
Keywords: AU, John/Sherlock, past John/Mary, John is a widower, Baby Watson, hurt/comfort, magic!John, healer!John, evil!Moriarty, hurt Sherlock, torture, mentions of rape, captivity, emotional blackmail, suggestions of period homophobia, switching POV (Sherlock and John)
Spoilers: What are those again?
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Arthur Conan Doyle, specific iterations of them belong to the BBC and the "Sherlock" team. The plot is based on my memory of a romance novel I read years ago but can't seem to find now. If anyone recognizes it, let me know so I can give proper credit.
Summary: Sherlock is being held captive by the sadistic Lord Moriarty. John, an Empath, is Lord Moriarty's personal physician (and, effectively, also a captive). When they meet, they might just find the courage to break each other out.
Dedication: To my friends and this lovely fandom for all of their encouragement and support.
Author's Notes: I have never written a historical story before, so forgive my clumsiness. This story takes place in the late 1700s in a sort of alternate universe where some people have magical powers, but still have to live in secret to avoid being accused of witchcraft.

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Title: Restoration
Author: Diandra Hollman
E-Mail: diandrahollman@gmail.com
Website: http://diandrahollman.neocities.org
Rating: Hard R
Keywords: Hurt/Comfort, John/Sherlock, rape recovery, emotional hurt/comfort, PTSD, hurt Sherlock
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Summary: "You get the call in the dead of night. early enough for you to not be quite deeply asleep yet, but late enough to be distressing. Because nobody calls at such an hour unless something has gone horribly wrong."
Author's Notes: This deals with the aftermath of sexual assault. The actual assault is never "shown", but will be partially described by the victim. I have never been a victim of such violence, so I won't pretend I understand what this is like, but I will endeavor to do right by all the people who have survived something like this.

All previous chapters here

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Title: Restraint II
E-Mail: diandrahollman@yahoo.com
Website: http://diandrahollman.tripod.com/index.htm
Rating: NC-17 (but R this chapter)
Spoilers: Maybe for a couple episodes in season three but it’s pretty AU.
Disclaimer: Blah blah Bad Robot blah blah ABC blah Abrams, Lindelof and Cuse blah. Clearly not mine.
Warnings: Non-con/rape, slash, attempted murder and a crapload of angst.
Archive: No, but you can link to the post as long as I get proper credit.
Author's Notes: I asked [livejournal.com profile] gregoria44if I could write a sequel to Restraint. This was clealy evidence of my masochistic tendencies as I have way to many stories and other crap going on so I'm not sure I've done her story justice. I’ve been debating whether to finish the story off or leave it as a sort of cliffhanger and pass the torch to whoever wants it. I opted for the latter.

You should probably read [livejournal.com profile] gregoria44's original story before reading this, though it should make sense even if you don't. If anyone wants to take up this story after my part stops, let me know because I'd really love to read it. :)

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