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I would like to apologize to the world for my fellow Americans being stupid enough to elect a lunatic like this AND think she could possibly ever be president one day.


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Thanks a lot, Republicans. Now can you stop acting like big antisocial babies?
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The following is a direct response to (/spoof of) a political ad run by Tom Emmer, gubernatorial candidate for the state of Minnesota.

Rejected script for the Tom Emmer advertisement: 

Narrator: This November 2nd, Minnesotans will have a choice.

(generic "political ad" images)

Narrator con'd: If you think your childrens' education is important and Minnesota needs to dig itself back out of the massive debt Tim Pawlenty has thrown it into, then your choice is Mark Dayton.

(images of gay people marrying, babies being sacrificed to the Devil, etc.)

Narrator con'd: If you oppose the healthcare bill because you still don't understand what it's actually about and were one of those people who was all for reform until Obama's name was attached to it and you think teachers are being paid too much already and you think Tim Pawlenty has done a *great* job balancing the state budget, then you have one good choice: Tom Emmer. Well, actually you have two choices, but let's assume if you can hear this ad that you've already removed your head from the sand.

(images of a smiling Emmer posing with his 15 or so children and hugging Tim Pawlenty)

Narrator con'd: If you've given up on politics all together and are tired of all the bashing and namecalling going on in political ads every goddamn night and you are one of those people who voted for Jesse Ventura to "make a statement", then your choice is Tom Horner. Better yet, you should probably just stay home and sit this election cycle out.

(images from Jesse Ventura's "The Body" ad, college students smoking pot, etc.)

Tom Emmer: I'm Tom Emmer and I approve this message!

paid for by the Tim Pawlenty for President in 2012! campaign.

Don't screw this one up, Minnesota.
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I haven't even turned my computer on in two days because I finally bought an Ipod and I've been too busy downloading apps and setting about 100 channels on Pandora. Yeesh. Hopefully all this time sunk into it will be worth it when I go to France. I already have a few apps that are useful for travel (maps, translators, wifi finders). Does anyone know of some other really good apps - preferably free or at least cheap?

So since I didn't have my computer on I almost missed the Emmy nominations yesterday. Apparently Matthew Fox was nominated for an Emmy for the first time ever. To which my response is pretty much IT'S ABOUT #*%@& TIME!!!!! YES!!! :D I'm not sure if the people who vote for the Emmys use the same reasoning as the people who vote for the Oscars (where they are likely to vote based on past performances more than whatever role is actually being nominated) so I'm not sure what his chances of actually winning are, but it would be awesome if they gave it to him for what may be his last performance on television. It might make up for all the years of him being overlooked.

On a completely different note...are people in Minnesota actively insane? I had a call from a woman at work asking if we would be able to make a delivery to her house WHILE TORNADO SIRENS WERE BLOWING IN THE BACKGROUND. I know some cities are a little trigger happy and blow those things when a severe thunderstorm is three counties away, but...after about twenty tornadoes ripped through the state in A DAY last month maybe you should, I don't know, GET THE HELL IN THE BASEMENT WHEN THE SIRENS GO OFF AND NOT ASK OTHER PEOPLE TO ENDANGER THEIR LIVES?!
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...I must be. Why am I living in this state?



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