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I just had a dream I was watching the "Lost" finale all over again. Except it didn't look anything like the actual finale. And Brad Pitt was in it. I know this probably has something to do with Matthew being in his new movie, but...
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I'm pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere on here a while back, but...I had this dream about a year or two ago about Matthew Fox. I was working with the FBI to catch a serial killer/assassin who was posing as a cop (Matthew), and I was the bait being used to trap him because I fit the profile of the women he'd killed. Yes, this is a fairly normal dream for me. I'm weird. Anyway...it looks like I wasn't far off:


I am totally recapping this movie if/when it ever comes out.

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Anyone on my flist get Entertainment Weekly? They did a one year later cover story on the cast this week. Two things...

Dear Matthew, I know you really don't give a shit what you look like anymore, but when photographers show up to take your picture for a magazine, you could at least TRY to not look like some crazy recluse from backwater Hickville. I'm not sure which part is more distressing: the fugly beard, the bizarre stain on your arm or the fact that that is obviously not the first beer you had that day and you couldn't even put it down while the photographer was taking the picture. The shirt isn't really helping either. I'm tempted to blame all of this on pot.


I think we all know who the winner is here.

Anyone wanna fan wank this and offer an explanation as to how Jack and Sawyer seem to have managed to switch places?
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Yes, this recap is about three years old. I'm feeling nostalgic, okay?

Part 1 here

Haunted episode 1 continued )


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So. I decided I should start thinking about posting my recaps to Livejournal. And since I have no idea how to go about doing this, I thought I'd give it a test run with some old recaps from my website. In honor of this week being Halloween (and because I miss seeing Matthew's face on my television screen), I'll be doing episodes of "Haunted".

Here goes nothing...


Episode 1: Pilot )


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This is horribly delayed because I have frankly been avoiding all mention of the Emmys since they happened. Anyway.

Here's a quote from my recap/review of the "Lost" series finale: "Dear Matthew Fox: Don't you DARE disappear on me. I started recapping your movies (all three of them) and I'm going to KEEP DOING IT, DAMNIT because you are a fucking amazing actor and I love you."

And here's a quote from something called "broadwayworld": "On the red carpet for tonight’s Emmy Awards, LOST star Matthew Fox didn’t reveal the title, but said that he will be doing a play in London next Spring."

I hate you, you bastard.

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I haven't even turned my computer on in two days because I finally bought an Ipod and I've been too busy downloading apps and setting about 100 channels on Pandora. Yeesh. Hopefully all this time sunk into it will be worth it when I go to France. I already have a few apps that are useful for travel (maps, translators, wifi finders). Does anyone know of some other really good apps - preferably free or at least cheap?

So since I didn't have my computer on I almost missed the Emmy nominations yesterday. Apparently Matthew Fox was nominated for an Emmy for the first time ever. To which my response is pretty much IT'S ABOUT #*%@& TIME!!!!! YES!!! :D I'm not sure if the people who vote for the Emmys use the same reasoning as the people who vote for the Oscars (where they are likely to vote based on past performances more than whatever role is actually being nominated) so I'm not sure what his chances of actually winning are, but it would be awesome if they gave it to him for what may be his last performance on television. It might make up for all the years of him being overlooked.

On a completely different note...are people in Minnesota actively insane? I had a call from a woman at work asking if we would be able to make a delivery to her house WHILE TORNADO SIRENS WERE BLOWING IN THE BACKGROUND. I know some cities are a little trigger happy and blow those things when a severe thunderstorm is three counties away, but...after about twenty tornadoes ripped through the state in A DAY last month maybe you should, I don't know, GET THE HELL IN THE BASEMENT WHEN THE SIRENS GO OFF AND NOT ASK OTHER PEOPLE TO ENDANGER THEIR LIVES?!
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I thought I had caught her, but then I saw this and some of the comments that went with it and she took off for parts unknown. I'm afraid of what she may come back with. Sigh. Well, at least if anything comes out of it, it'll involve Sawyer, right?
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I updated my site for the first time since last summer with all the recaps I've been piling up the last few months. Mostly, they are recaps of episodes of "Haunted", but it also includes "Speed Racer" and the new (and hopefully last if Chris Carter doesn't get his act together) X-Files movie. Feel free to poke around and let me know what you think. Or just yell at me for destroying the tattered remains of a beloved franchise. Whatever.


Previews... )

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