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How does someone like this get elected to office to represent Americans? There are times I wish we had just let the South cede the union so we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of shit from Texas, Mississippi, Louisianna and Florida (it's ALWAYS these states). Of course we would still have to deal with Michele "Pray the Gay Away!" Bachmann up here in Minnesota. Can we just send her to Florida and give Florida back to Spain (assuming they would even take it)?

Dear Yahoo,

Dec. 1st, 2010 03:37 pm
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I wish I didn't have to do this. I really do. For ten years I have been able to check news headlines, weather and new e-mail messages right from my browser homepage. But lately, this convenience has come at too high a price. I could put up with the crappy spam filter that routinely routes get-rich-quick schemes, invitations to join "dating" sites and offers to enhance body parts I don't even have to my inbox. I could even put up with the constant layout changes that make it increasingly impossible to see the links I want to click on around the obnoxious advertisements parading across the page. What I can no longer put up with is the insanity that goes on every day on your news site.

The mere sight of a headline on the homepage that has any connection whatsoever to do with politics makes me cringe because I know it will draw the same hoard of internet trolls who will sling ridiculous (Repukes and Dumbocraps comes to mind) to downright hateful insults at each other and demonize each others' beliefs. Once in a while, some brave soul will beg you to do SOMETHING about the warzone that has become the comments section, but these posts are quickly buried in a barrage of hideous insults and barely coherent rants declaring the President of the United States to be a Nazi. The fact that your company allows this sort of behavior to continue unchecked not only cheapens your credibility as a news source, it enables cyber bullying. I don't know of ANY other legitimate news source that would let this behavior get so totally out of control.

This is not about censorship or denying people’s freedom of speech. The problem here is a total lack of accountability. Anyone can post anything anonymously, no questions asked, without facing any consequences for their abusive behavior. Allowing this to continue as it is just creates a toxic environment where people are afraid to speak their minds for fear of abuse from anonymous, rabid posters.

Since you seem reluctant to offer any sort of solution to this out-of-control problem, Yahoo, I am declaring myself officially done with you. Better yet: I am declaring a boycott of ALL of your services until you address this issue. I have already changed my homepage, cancelled my Flickr account and transferred all of my e-mail to another provider. Most importantly, I will be getting my news from other sources from now on. And I will encourage as many people as I can to do the same.

Disrespectfully yours,

Diandra Hollman

PS - To all those brave souls who are just as discouraged or outraged by the political bullying as I am, please feel free to pass this message on.

ETA: I have no idea if Yahoo.it or Yahoo.au or any of the other variants are as guilty as Yahoo.com on this front so apologies to my non-American flisters if you have no idea what I'm ranting about here. On a more positive note: I have been totally Yahoo-free for two days now and I am MUCH happier! The country is still being fucked sideways, but at least now I can look at the Minnesotans in my neighborhood without assuming they are crazed tea-party nutjobs who would lynch me if they thought they could get away with it. Most of them are just gullible idiots.
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This is why we can't have nice things.

For those of you not from Minnesota, allow me to explain. In the rush to vote for anything and everything Republican, the people of Minnesota voted down just about every school district levy in the state. This is my closest district, and the one that was most desperately in need of that money to avoid massive layoffs. This jerk has decided to hide behind a pile of LIES that he clearly pulled directly from his ass to excuse the fact that he thinks...actually, I don't even know WHAT he thinks, if anything at all. His ridiculous claims would be funny if peoples' livelihoods weren't tied to that vote. A lot of people I know could lose their jobs, because a LOT of people I know are teachers, or at least K-12 employees.

The schools went into debt because Governor Pawlenty took away the funding they were supposed to get from the state (taxes). The schools had to resort to begging the voters to help dig them up out of the hole Pawlenty got them into and jerks like this guy - who probably gets all his news from the network of misinformation that is Fox News - shot them down.

Why do I live here? Seriously, I'm surrounded by assholes who live in some fantasy world where teachers are just ROLLING in money, firefighters don't need "training" money, and bridges don't need to be inspected until AFTER they fall into the Mississippi. And it's not even Thanksgiving yet and several trees in my neighboorhood have been knocked over by a blizzard. And it snowed again today. Grrr...

In conclusion, say it with me everyone: 
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 Well, I do. I REALLY do. I have learned that at least a half a dozen people I know voted for the Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota JUST because he is pro-life. Because, you know, it TOTALLY makes sense to royally fuck up your child's education and their FUTURE LIFE IN GENERAL just to possibly make sure that no woman ever has the choice to have an abortion again. BECAUSE A STATE GOVERNOR COULD ACTUALLY HAVE A SAY IN SOMETHING LIKE ROE V WADE.

*beats head on desk until a bloody lump forms*

Also? Some woman had a shit fit because I tried to back out of a parking spot while she was driving down the row this afternoon. I stopped, and I never came ANYWHERE NEAR hitting her or blocking her path but that didn't stop her from HAVING A SCREAMING FIT AND WAITING IN HER CAR JUST SO SHE COULD FLIP ME OFF AS I DROVE PAST.

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I'm not sure I want to live in this state anymore. Hell, I'm not sure I want to live in this COUNTRY anymore. Did everyone lose their collective MINDS? I haven't been able to read a newspaper in the past few days without wanting to throw up. And this doesn't really have anything to do with what happened to the US congress, although their determination to act like disagreeable CHILDREN until such time as they can get their own guy in the white house and ram through their own agenda makes me want to destroy something beautiful. This is about Minnesota and the fact that the local GOP seems to think they can declare voter fraud where there was none and try to skew the results in their guy's favor. And if it turns out the Democrat still won and the Republican has no hope of coming out ahead, which is what ALL of the COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE results are saying, they will contest it in court just so that Tim Pawlenty has enough time to ruin yet another year's budget before he begins his presidential campaign (for the love of all that is still good in this world DON"T VOTE FOR HIM IF HE RUNS).

My mother is already clinging precariously to her job. If she loses it, I could end up making her mortgage payments along with my student loan payments. If the GOP gets their way, I could lose MY job as well in the resulting funding cuts to education. If that happens, we may have no choice but to move to Canada, where we will pay higher taxes, but at least we will have JOBS and decent HEALTHCARE.

Is it really so wrong to want to keep my job? The job I FINALLY got after two years of rejection letters? The job I WANTED so badly and love doing? Is it so wrong to want the option to get healthcare if I do lose it and not be rejected because I had this one minor ailment once that big insurance has decided to declare a "pre-existing condition" (hasn't happened yet, but I wouldn't rule it out)?

PS - A brief word about healthcare: I spent a day at a hospital recently with my mother. We watched some poor woman scream in pain for nearly an hour while the staff basically ignored her. Why? Because her husband hadn't finished checking her in and filling out all the paperwork patients are handed when they come through the door that is more concerned with whether the patient is insured and therefore able to pay for healthcare than actually helping someone who is clearly in agony. And no one seemed in any hurry to help speed this process along. Thankfully her injury was not life threatening. She could have died waiting for someone to help her.

I'm trying desperately to find a reason to love this country in spite of everything, but so far I'm coming up blank. HELP!
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Well, okay, maybe I don't hate *all* people. Maybe it's just the self-centered, uber-capitalist assholes around me that are skewing my perception of humanity. I was already pissed off about the sudden surge of new restaurants that are exactly like the family-owned restaurant I've worked at for years and seem determined to drive these sweet people out of their livelihood when some teenage moron tried to DRIVE ME OFF THE ROAD.


Also? Some wacknut in our neighboorhood put a Michele Bachmann sign in their yard despite the fact that SHE'S NOT EVEN ON OUR BALLOT. Not to mention she's an embarassment to the state of Minnesota. I mean really. The woman blamed the Democrats for the swine flu outbreak. She's clearly insane.
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This morning Yahoo posted a story about the Forbes list of "most powerful women". Michelle Obama was number one. The first lady being the most powerful woman in the US if not the world is certainly not surprising. Neither, unfortunately, is the way this drew the usual "liberal bias" accusations and ranting about how awful a president Obama is. However, this time some of the comments actively frightened me. They seem to have been taken down now - I must have been reading the article early enough that the most obscenely hateful comments had not been filtered yet - and thank God for that. Phrases like "nigger bitch" and "half-breed Muslim" go well beyond anything that should be protected by the first amendment.

Is this what the Tea Party has done to America? There was a time when Democrats and Republicans could argue issues in a mostly civilized fasion without inciting a riot. I shudder now to think of what could have happened to me in that month before the last election when I was wearing that Obama/Biden pin everywhere I went (I did get yelled at by one guy. In public. In front of a very shocked gentleman).

Of course these same people think Sarah Palin is wonderful and deserves to be elected president in 2012. The fact that this is even being entertained as a possibility scares me shitless.

This is the point when, a year ago, I would find refuge in "Lost" and fandom. I am missing it so much right now.
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Seriously. That is the only explanation I can think of. Saturday was September 11, the aniversary of a terrible tragedy. Know how some idiots in my neighboorhood acknowledged such a somber occasion? By shooting off fireworks like it was the goddamn 4th of July. I'm sorry, but that is just in poor taste.

*grumbles about stupid people*

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Shut. The fuck. Up.

You are like small beligerent children who still insist the sky is actually neon purple regardless of all the proof you are presented that it is actually blue. I was hearing about this shit all the way in France, which was EMBARRASSING, to say the least. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Amercians are fucking retarded.

The news must be really dead if this demented behavior is making headlines again.

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