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How does someone like this get elected to office to represent Americans? There are times I wish we had just let the South cede the union so we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of shit from Texas, Mississippi, Louisianna and Florida (it's ALWAYS these states). Of course we would still have to deal with Michele "Pray the Gay Away!" Bachmann up here in Minnesota. Can we just send her to Florida and give Florida back to Spain (assuming they would even take it)?
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I've been hanging on through this season so far, hoping against reason that it would go back to the fun, flirty ho-yay goodness that made up most of last season. (Okay, maybe it was only half. Things always look better in hindsight.) But I think I'm ready to let this one go. I could put up with the ridiculously cheesy...everything...that made me want to bang my head on a wall. I could put up with the fact that the ho-yay factor has taken a serious nose-dive as of late. But I am BORED. So much so that I'm barely even paying attention to 90% of any given episode and I barely even notice, much less care.

Add to all of this the fact that in the last episode, Danny - the SENSITIVE one - seems to have transformed into a giant dick. First, he strong arms a drunk into searching for something to give his daughter for Halloween when...um...the guy SAID he didn't have anything and clearly wasn't expecting any kids coming to his door, and then he practically wipes his ass with the locals beliefs. Oh, and he manipulates the landlady of an apartment building into selling him an apartment for WAY below price, only to back out at the last possible second and guilts his friends into do all the heavy lifting for him because he's cheap.

I'm not sure if the writers just suddenly forgot that *Steve* is supposed to be the somewhat insensitive meathead (along with forgetting how to write Steve/Danny banter if the last few episodes are any indication), but I'm not sure I want to stick around to find out what else they plan to forget this year.
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Me, earlier this evening: "So, the Packers are winning. Well, they're winning so far, but it's only the third quarter. How many quarters are in a football game? Four?"


Just in case my recap of "We Are Marshall" didn't make it abundantly clear that I am clueless when it comes to sports...

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Is there any way to delete memories? I'm trying to change some wonky keywords and it's just adding them as new memories...

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