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My friend sent me a clip of a show called "Suits" recently that was mind-boggling. Two men were sitting in a restaurant having a conversation that very obviously could be read as one of them coming out of the closet. But after that clear set up, the writers pulled the rug out from under the viewer and basically said "haha! That's not what they were talking about at all because they're obviously into chicks!" I don't watch this show, but I've assured there isn't even a token gay character in it. I guess homosexuality is just something the macho guys who write for this show like to joke about.

Contrast this with the "Good Wife" spinoff "The Good Fight". One of the major characters (the new Alicia basically) is a lesbian. She is introduced this way - excitedly telling her wife that she passed the bar. The fact that so far in the two available episodes she and her wife have only ever been shown together laying in bed like viewers will only understand they are a couple if it's sexualized is annoying, but still. Baby steps in the right direction. Her sexuality does not define her - it just IS.

What I'm saying is I wish we had more of the latter and less of the former from Hollywood. Sadly, going by ratings, it seems the former is more highly rewarded.

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